Thinking of getting a motorcycle but worried about safety and expenses? First of all, you’re in the right place because our blog is all about having fun with and learning about motorcycles. Today, however, we want to share the benefits of taking baby steps, which in this case for beginners would be getting an electric scooter instead of a motorcycle.

Personally, I would recommend electric scooters for beginners to practice with because although you’re legally able to drive them in the bicycle lane in Canada some of them also go up to 50 – 70 KM per hour which is faster than most bicycles and safe enough to drive on most urban and residential roads without being in the bicycle lane. Before I get too personal with my opnion though, let’s see what others are saying. Here are the 3 most common reasons why young beginners who want to drive motorcycles should start simply by getting an electric scooter instead. However, click here to learn what an electric scooter axially is if you’re uncertain. Now let’s begin:

3 Reasons Why You Might Want to Get an Electric Scooter Instead of a Motorcycle

  1. Students who don’t enjoy arriving to school all sweaty because they had to peddle on their bike for ten kilometers often prefer bikes with electric motors on them. Basically, getting a scooter is just one step above an electric peddle bike. Also, electric scooters have more storage space so you can carry your books in the trunk department instead of adding extra weight on your back.
  2. Cost-wise, it’s much cheaper to plug in your scooter to an electric socket when you get home at night rather than spend $50 a week on gas, especially if you have shared accommodations and don’t have to pay for the entire electricity bill at your home. Also, many places have stations where you can charge your electric vehicles while parked these days.
  3. Because, in Canada at least, you’re able to ride your electric scooter in the bicycle lane if you wish, that also means that electric scooters are potentially much safer than motorcycles. You may not be able to take your electric scooter on the highway going 120 KM per hour, but then again if it suites your purposes then there’s no reason to do such a thing to risk your safety anyways.

These three reasons are just to get started, to aid you in making your final decision. If I could say one more thing it’s that you don’t even need a driver’s license to drive an electric scooter in Canada although they can go 70 KM per hour. This means that for young people especially who are still training how to ride correctly, a temporary electric scooter to get you through the first few years of adult life could provide the practice you need to become a competent rider.

Whatever you decide, us here at Endurozone wish you safety out there on the roads!