One thing almost all motorcycle enthusiasts have in common is the selfish need to display our precious bikes out in the driveway for our neighbors to get jealous and all passersby to admire. Just admit it! While we might be proud of our polished and tuned-up motorcycles as they’re erected in the driveway for all to see, it doesn’t look so impressive when the surrounding landscape design in the front yard doesn’t meet the bar so to speak. This year I noticed that more than other years. I had just finished cleaning my motorcycle and put it out on the driveway when I went out onto the street to take a photo of it. In the photo, the bike looked mouth-droolingly delicious, but the landscape behind it was horrendous. The landscaping at our front yard was so bad that I didn’t upload the photo until after a landscaping Victoria company came out and touched up our garden design. Now my front yard landscape looks just as good as my bike, so I’m no longer one of these stereotypical motorcycle collectors who can never look at the details behind the bike.

A bike photo with a beautiful landscape background

So this discussion now brings me to the part of the story where you, dear ready, come into plat. Are you like me and love to take photos of your freshly washed bikes or scooters in the driveway? Are you also like me and neglected their front yard landscaping and so those pictures you took, no matter how nice the bikes are, look like crap? Then – boy! – do I have the solution for you.

It’s called “a landscape to match your motorcycle” and it’s a really clever idea. I’m now encouraging you to try something different with your motorcycle collection this summer. I don’t care if you hire a professional landscaping company like I did or do the yard work yourself, but next time you take a picture of your bikes or scooters on the driveway and upload them onto social media, I want the background in the photo to look just as good as the bikes. You may also need to take your bike to a public park or something to do this, because not all of us have front yards to do landscaping in, after all, but you get my point, I hope. What I’m trying to say is note everyone who loves bikes thinks our photos of them are any good if the backgrounds look like crap. Now I suspect you’re giggling now and, yes, I am trying to be funny, but for the sake of people who don’t care about bikes it’s our duty, in order to get more likes on our photos, to make the backgrounds look good!

Ha! Thanks for reading and I hope you had a good laugh. But I’m serious….