From what I’ve seen out and about, I believe it’s most common for people to sell their car and replace it before it completely breaks down to the point of no repair. After all, it wouldn’t be safe to drive a car that was on the brink of falling into pieces at any moment, especially on the freeway. But if you have a plan, and you know your car isn’t going to explode, what’s the harm in driving a piece of garbage until it can’t be driven anymore? Is it so ethical to put the car out of its mystery like a beloved pet on its deathbed or let it live out its last days on a walker?

I bring this up because I’ve seen people go through financial headaches, having this idea in their heads that they have to have a nice car. They go into anxiety-inducing debt to get a car that still fulfils the same function as the old clunker they sold. I don’t see the point if you can ignore what others think. A friend of mine lives in a really nice neighborhood where everyone drives electric vehicles but he knows he doesn’t have to sign a long lease for a car that runs a little better if he can just put up with what he has. He ignores what people think, because it does the job for him, even though his car runs really rough and seriously needs a paint job

With this way of thinking always remember though that, like the horse you used all your life on the farm, your beater car will have to go one day. It’ll be obvious when the time comes, but until then enjoy all the money your saving and all the stress your avoiding by being grateful for the shitty car you have!

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