If you found and enjoy the Endurozone blog then there’s a good chance you also enjoy being on the road. If your in the office or waiting in a long line with your phone, consider this poetic description of being on the road a temporary escape from the mundane nature that life as a hardworking man or woman sometimes offers.

Close your eyes or keep them open, it’s up to you. Either way, whatever your present environment is right now, just pretend your not there. Just, for a moment, pretend your at the handlebars of your favorite motorcycle, or behind the wheel of your favorite car, driving.



Just enjoying the joys of the road. You’re on a twisty road you’ve never been on before, that curls around the bends of the shore. To your left you can see and smell the salty ocean, the seagulls, the wind in your hair. To your right your see the luscious forest, the crows cawing and deer loping. Straight ahead, the road goes on forever, or just long enough for you to be fully sated and ready to get back to work. Behind you, all your worries have gone, and you wonder, because life is so beautiful, what could’ve possibly had you down in the first place.

Maybe you’ve only been driving for fifteen minutes, maybe for three hours. But already you feel as if you’ve just been on a month-long holiday vacation. And that’s the power of being behind the wheel, your testimony for why life is worth living. To drive.

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