Why, out of all the motorcycle-related blogs in the world, would you want to tune into us? We’ll tell you why. And we’ll tell it to you straight. That’s why. We’re not afraid to say things others might be. We’re truth-seekers, in the motorcycle world, and we love to take risks. Therefore, we’ll cover the hot button subjects that other motorcycle enthusiasts wouldn’t touch with a four hundred foot stick.

We discuss topics like why do motorcycle riders typically prefer risk-taking more than people who drive cars. We’ll answer questions like why are motorcycles so dangerous and what attracts people to them. We talk about our own experiences riding motorcycles and the different types of cliques that revolve around different riding styles and manufacturers. We’ll get dirt bike riders arguing with electric scooter riders, and even segway riders throwing in their two cents.

You should choose us for your fix of motorcycle-related content because w’ere the typer of writers who don’tr care if you agree with us or not, and aside from genuine content our second top goal is top make people laugh.

So stick around and enjoy the fun.