What Feels Good VS What’s Good (Why Men Drive)

Driving a car ever since m’ grand daddy slapped me has been the utmost metaphor for life. Life in general that is. Can’t blame me when I’m living in a box. Except for the guy who invented the box, of course. But then again we’re all driving cars and we all live in boxes. Are we really all just doing what feels good to us, or is there a better reason why we like to speed at 230 miles per hour down the freeway?

While continuing to use driving as the utmost metaphor for life in general, I would like to say that I have concrete evidence proving cars and driving in general is good for life in general and stereotypical men don’t just love cars because they feel good.

My evidence starts with my own first-hand experience seeing how owning a car has turned a lazy teenager into an efficient pizza delivery driver. No cap. That lazy teenager was my own son, and I’m as stereotypical as they get. My son is thinking about starting his own pizza shop now. But a year ago he was playing video games all day. Look at what a single vehicle did, even though I paid for it!

And it feels good too. I think, actually, now that I reckon, that’s all the evidence I need.